Total Marketing


Based on the user level, dashboard provides birds eye view of business on a single screen. Pending appointments, receivables, tender openings, sales figures, contract expiries, security issues etc are presented as single line summaries, and each line can be clicked to get the details on the same screen. Trigger period for events for each user can be set by the user himself. For example, a user can instruct the dashboard to alert him on sales appointments 3 days in advance. Based on the user profile, dashboard data will change. Superusers will get maximum information, while a sales executive would only get information pertaining to himself.
Quotation/Item List

Sales executives or data entry operators can prepare the quotation, check the profitability (if it is permitted for him) and then print out the quotation. He can also use MS Word to create quotations if he wished to. The same quotation can be used as invoice later. Quotation changes can be noted down in the notes column, if he wants to have a record of quotation history for the same project. Payments received can also be entered here and tracked. Pending payments would appear in dashboard.
Tender Management

Sales tenders can be managed inside the sales module. Tender submission, opening, EMD amount submission, collection etc. can be entered and tracked, and these information pops up in the dashboard as alerts.
Competition Management

If you need to maintain record of your competition for sales project, it can be done here. Competitorís quotes, notes on competitorís bids, if the project was lost to competitor then the reasons for the same etc. can be managed. This data is pulled out by competition analysis reports to give you in depth idea about your strength and pitfalls viz-a-viz your competitors.
Document Management

All documents related to the sales project can be directly managed from here. You can open the documents, edit the documents and print the documents. Datasheets, specifications, scanned copies of purchase orders, invoices, delivery notes, tender submissions etc. can be added to the sales project and managed.
Project Sales and Marketing Reports

Extensive set of reports covers 4 areas.
1. Financial information and analysis reporting on sales figures, employee wise sales, department wise sales, monthly sales, sales trend analysis, product sales analysis, product group wise sales analysis, employee/product wise profitability tracking, dealer sales etc.
2. Target based reporting Ė supports both profit based and turnover based monthly targets. These reports can also be used to calculate commissions.
3. Pipeline reporting for sales planning and revenue.
4. Business status and progress in terms of customer acquisitions and retainment, location penetration, lead analysis, competitor data analysis and lost opportunities analysis. These factors could be analysed based on sales staff /products/product category or in general.
Centralised Contact Management

Contact management is totally centralized, but allows headroom for sales staff to keep their customers as private from other sales staff. Contacts connected to customers are tagged with the customer and contact details of customers and contacts belonging to un-realised projects are also available in the database. This database can be used for campaigns for upselling, cross selling and concept selling. Contacts other than business contacts, can also be entered in the database. Centrallised storage allows the contacts to be pulled into other modules like maintenance contracts, service and calibration. Email to SMS gateway can be used to send SMS to contacts using their mobile numbers.
Appointments/ To-Do List

Appointment/To-do lists are totally centrallised, but only owner/superior accessible. Sales appointments, sales visit schedules, sales plans, service appointments, service visit schedules etc also appear in the same list. If an employee has sufficient access privilege, he can create a to-do entry for another employee. For example, sales manager can create a reminder for a sales staff, so that when the sale staff logs-in, reminder will appear in dashboard. In many cases, system will automatically create appointments for an employee.