Total Service - Service and Maintenance contract management software


Based on the user level, dashboard provides birds eye view of business on a single screen. Pending appointments, service receivables, service deliveries, service revenue figures, contract expiries, PMC visits, security issues etc are presented as single line summaries, and each line can be clicked to get the details on the same screen. Trigger period for events for each user can be set by the user himself. For example, a user can instruct the dashboard to alert him on sales appointments 3 days in advance. Based on the user profile, dashboard data will change. Super-users will get maximum information, while a sales executive would only get information pertaining to himself.
Job Card

When a new service request comes in, a new job card / or job ticket is made. Contract details of the product would be immediately displayed when you select the product serial number.
Job card - Job Costing And Invoice

Service jobs can be costed and the profitability calculated using the job costing sheet. Job costing sheet can also be used as a quotation and invoice. Receivables can also be tracked right from here.
Mail Responder for Service Job

SmartB supports three kinds of responder – service job registration, service job status and service job completion. You can configure the service responder mails to be sent automatically. Mails are composed automatically as per the template and personalised.
Product Installations

All installations are entered in this module. You can also split up an installation into multiple installation and combine them as an assembly. Installed products must be added to a contract to connect it to a warranty/guarantee/SLA.
Rental Installation

Rentals can be managed based on metering/period. Receivables from rentals can be entered and tracked. Receivables also appear on dashboard.
Maintenance Contract

Every single product under Maintenance contract /SLA has to be added to a contract. After creating a contract, one or more installations can be added to it. Contracts can be renewed from here. Renewal process is fully automatic.
Reminder Mails For Contract Renewal

Reminder mails can be automatically generated for expired/expiring contracts using renewal mail templates. After sending mails, contract will be marked as ‘renewal mail sent’. Reminder SMSs are also supported using email to SMS gateways.
Preventive Maintenance and Visit Log

Preventive maintenance visits are automatically scheduled by system, and reminders are generated for service executives. When the maintenance visits are completed, then the log is entered here, and the report is mailed/SMSed to the customer with a single click of a button. Reports on the visits carried out can be generated annually or quarterly to be given to the customer.