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Total Marketing

SmartB Total Marketing Management is a complete small business CRM tool for automation of marketing (SFA) and sales. It integrates marketing, enquiries management, sales pipeline management, creation of proposals, follow-up management, tender management, result tracking, invoicing, delivery management, receivables management, document management, installation, purchase and inventory. This can be integrated with other modules seamlessly. With powerful data mining tools built in, you can explore and analyse your business with ease.

Total marketing is an easy to use networkable desktop application, that can support 25 users in write mode, and upto 255 users in read mode simultaneously. Robust performance even at 1 GB database size helps you to retain data for many years without need for pruning. All Windows platforms are supported. Installation and configuration of the software do not require any special skills. Help file is context sensitive, and inside any module you can press F1 to get help on that module. We support unlimited customisation at lowest cost.


  • Powerful dashboard that displays the birdís eye view of business based on the userís profile. Appointments, unclosed desk calls, inventory summary, sales summaries, receivables, payables, summary service calls, deliveries, appointments, follow-ups and every other information brief appears on the dashboard. Dashboard is configurable, and information displayed pertains to the user. Summaries can be drilled down to details in the dashboard itself.
  • Desk enquiries management and enquiry routing based on business rules. Enquires can be routed to sales staff based on allocated locations, product specialization.
  • Customizable mail responders for desk-enquiries.
  • Import mail enquiries from Microsoft outlook to desk enquiry module and route it to sales staff.
  • Powerful telemarketing and mail marketing management tool with optional telephony interface. Data from sales module can be reused in campaign management module to send mailers and to create telemarketing campaigns. For example, you can create a telemarketing campaign or a bulk mailer for all prospects who had either bought or took a quote from you for a product X.
  • Sales project management module. Support for managing tenders/project costing/ invoicing, delivery management, follow up management with follow-up/reminder reports, appointment management, appointment planning, costing sheet for P/L, single button mail/phone, bank guarantee management, shipping support etc.
  • Sales pipe line reporting.
  • Exhaustive sales reports and graphs based on employee, product, area, customer, lead source etc.
  • Graphical reports for analysing and tracking lost orders and competition.
  • Targets module to enter and manage targets. Target based reporting on sales.
  • Enter and manage payments from customers. Complete receivables management.
  • Receivables reports/graphs based on employee, customer, location etc.
  • Installation base management.
  • Installation base analysis reports and graphs.
  • Tracking competitors installation base.
  • Rental machines and installation management with support for meter based rentals.
  • Built-in purchase, inventory and basic HR module.
  • Inventory module supports stock/non-stock stores, and serialized/batched items.
  • Assets (Equipments/Instruments/Vehicles) management and tracking.
  • Supports document management in most of the modules. PDF files, word /excel files can be attached to products, sales projects, installations, employees etc, and can be directly opened within SmartB CRM software by clicking on it.
  • Contact management and telephone book.
  • To do lists and diary.
  • Separate drawings/documents management module.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Service management and Campaign management modules.
  • Mailing support.
  • Export to Word/Excel/Lotus/Text etc. for all reports.
  • Employee log-in with employee, department, and super-user level access control for security. Supports feature/module level access control.
  • Support for customisation.