Easy Inventory


Based on the user level, dashboard provides birds eye view of inventory on a single screen. Information on total inventory value, items on low stock, item to be re-ordered, items on RMA, appointments, security issues etc are presented as single line summaries, and each line can be clicked to get the details on the same screen.
Inventory Ledger Inventory Issues

Inventory Issue Ledger mimics the issue ledger in stores. Any items issued are entered in the ledger along with the issue type, issuer, receiver etc. Packing list can be made in case of issues. Items issued from a non-stock store will not affect the net stock of that item.
Inventory Ledger Add/Edit Issues

Screen shows the inventory issue screen where you can add a header (issue voucher or delivery voucher) and then add items issued on that voucher.
Inventory Issue - Packing List

Packing list can be added for shipments. Shipment details can be entered and tracked here.
Inventory Receipts Ledger

Inventory issue ledger mimics the receipt ledger in stores. Any items received into stores are entered in the ledger along with the receipt type, received-from, receiver etc. Items received into a non-stock store will not affect the net stock or WAC of that item (Store level stock would be updated). When Items are received into a stock-store, WAC and stock would be updated.
Product Master

Product master supports products, spares, services and assemblies. Items can be marked as batched or serialized items. Stock in each store can be directly viewed from here.

Upto 5 stock stores and 5 non-stock stores are supported. Items in stock stores would contribute towards net stock, while the items in non-stock stores do not. Non-stock stores are used to store items to be returned, demo pieces, items that came for service etc.
Stores Level Stock screen in Product master

Store level stock is can be viewed directly from product master. Initially, opening stocks of items can be directly entered here.