SmartB GSM Alert Card with I/O

16 input GSM alert card sends SMS alerts to up to four users if status of any input changes using SMS messages. You can configure any input as critical input, in which case the card will continue sending alerts till any one of the users acknowledge the change in the critical input by replying to the SMS alert. SMS alerts are sent through any GSM modem connected to the card through serial port. GSM card can also be used to switch external devices on or off. For this, it has 5 outputs, which can be made on or off through a mobile phone. Both ULN and relay based outputs are available.


1. SMS text configurable for each channel separately.

2. SMS text for high and low inputs are separately configurable for each channel.

3. Capacity to send a maximum of 8 status changes in single SMS.

4. Inputs are opto-coupled with LED indicators to indicate each pin status.

5. For critical channels, SMSs are sent to mobiles every 3 minutes until acknowledgement SMS is received from any mobile.

6. All channels can be configured as critical channels.

7. Works on 50 MIPS controller Silabs C8051F340.

8. Upto 4 mobile numbers can be configured to send alerts to.

9. 5 Relay outputs onboard with LED indication. Outputs are controllable through SMSs.

10. Output /Input status can be read any time using mobile.

11. Input channel SMS text configuration can be directly changed remotely using mobile.

12. Output relays are 230 volts rated. Both NO and NC outputs are available.

13. High security as authorized mobile numbers only can exchange SMSs, commands and alerts.

14. Configuration software to configure the cards easily. Configuration can also be read using the software and compared with existing configurations in the software. Unlimited configurations can be stored in the software database and used any time.