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SmartB campaign management is a leading campaign management tool with six main modules - telemarketing, trade show management, desk enquiries, meet management, contact management and bulk mailer. Additionally, product installations module, customer master, supplier master, product master etc are available in the module for data entry, and data mining. Contact management is integrated in all modules. Bulk mailer is a tool that can be used to send personalized mails and SMSs to a list of campaign targets. Campaign targets for a bulk mailing campaign can be built by specifying the selection conditions. The power of a campaign management tool which is seamlessly integrated with existing business is virtually unlimited. Staying connected to existing customers and prospects to expand business and to increase loyalty has never been so easy. Highly targeted campaigns and response management are possible with this tool.

SmartB Campaign management is an easy to use networkable application that can support 20 users in write mode and up to 200 users in read mode simultaneously. Robust performance even at 1GB database size helps you to retain data for many years without pruning. All Windows platforms are supported. Installation and configuration of the software does not require any special skills. Help file is context sensitive, and inside any module you can press F1 to get help on that module. We support unlimited customisation at lowest cost.


  • Built-in powerful E-mail/SMS campaign management module. Manage responses and analyse conversion.
  • Bulk mailer can send upto 10,000 mail/SMSs to targets at one shot. Each recipient receives fully formatted, personalized mail. Send brochures, catalogues, e-cards etc. to recipients. Supports MAPI mailing through MS Outlook for non-html(text)mailing and html/text mailing using SMTP. Supports POP authentication before SMTP connectivity.
  • Supports thousands of mail templates for personalizing the mails. Email/SMS templates can be easily added and configured.
  • Supports email to SMS gateways enabling you to send SMSs at low costs.
  • Powerful dashboard that displays the bird’s eye view of the campaigns based on the user’s profile. Appointments, unclosed desk calls, telemarketing appointments, Open telemarketing leads, un-contacted telemarketing leads, follow-ups, converted telemarketing leads etc appears on the dashboard. Dashboard is configurable, and information displayed pertains to the user. Summaries can be drilled down in the dashboard itself.
  • Exhaustive exhibition/tradeshow management module. Manage visitor data, categorize them, plan for visits and route leads to sales staff manually or automatically. Use bulk mailer to compose personalized mails to each target/ visitor. Funnel visitor data to separate telemarketing campaigns.
  • Meet management module for managing customer meets, supplier meets, internal meets, focus group meet etc. Meet invitation management, invitees’ preferences management and feedback/response management are built-in. Bulk mailer can compose personalized invitations and reminders to each invitee.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Sales and Service modules. Data from sales and service modules can be used to guide and design campaigns.
  • Select the targets for the mails from customers, suppliers, contacts connected to your customers, contacts connected to your suppliers, family members of contacts, invitees of customer meets or any other meets, email campaign lists, exhibition/trade show visitors etc.
  • Supports cross-selling and up-selling. Data from sales module can be reused in campaign management module to send mailers and to create telemarketing campaigns. For example, you can create a telemarketing campaign or a bulk mailer for all prospects who had either bought or took a quote from you for a product X. After mailing, you can manage the responses from within the application and categorize them or route them to sales staff.
  • You can move targets across campaigns. You can start a broader campaign and move targets into more focused campaigns. You can also move them into specific telemarketing campaigns as a precursor to actual visits by sales reps, or directly route the targets to sales reps based on the response. Similarly targets from tradeshows can be moved to telemarketing campaigns or SMS/mail campaigns based on filters.
  • Send personalised mails in bulk to your contacts and even their family members on birthdays, wedding anniversaries, new family members’ birthdays, wedding anniversaries, new year, religious occasions or any other occasions.
  • Built in contact management and telephone book.
  • Built-in to-do list and diary.
  • Built in customers and suppliers module.
  • Multi-user networkable package.
  • Access control to the package by access-control module.
  • Small database footprint allows you to use this package in your laptop as your personal marketing and contact warhead.
  • Supports mail servers like Exchange, Lotus, Mdaemon etc.
  • Support for customization to any level.